10 Condemnments

Do not pose. Just stay composed. It only takes a second to brand a ho.

Eyes blank. Head rigid. On these streets life is reduced to a tunnel vision.

Skin out of sight. Dress. Skirt. Pants not too tight.  This body armed like a knight. Ready to fight.

Control mouth dips. Cast iron lips. Smiling is a silent invite. Consent a blurred right.

Do the Stick walk. Curves straight. Itchy palms be wanting a blind date with every hip talk.

Hold purse firm. Slightly. Act like there is  nothing to hide while your being is being eyed. Juicy.

Walk under lights. Near Houses. Forget that locked doors are deaf to the sounds of the night.

Keys double as a knife. Screams can save a life. When a dog barks, a bitch ain’t afraid to bite.

Hands shaking. Spray gun steady. Feet heavy. Soundchecking. Homerun ready.

Enter. Breathe. Smile. Stop. Repeat.




Find more of her at https://trovaniasink.jimdo.com/.


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